Flooring Products

Commercial Vinyl

The ultimate tough and practical commercial flooring, vinyl floors have been an industrial favourite for years but also make superb commercial floors; brightly coloured, adaptable, incredibly easy to maintain and cost effective they create a clean and minimal look in offices, restaurants and kitchens.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles bring a high quality look and feel to any interior, replicating the look of natural materials like timber and stone with none of the maintenance drawbacks. A constantly expanding product portfolio offers some superb, high performance options all of which are durable, tough, long-lasting and easily maintained.

Woven Vinyl

Woven vinyl offers a modern alternative to standard sheet vinyl and LVT. More textural designs and bespoke shapes can be utilised to create unique layouts and designs with tile shapes such as hexagons, wings and triangles.

Vinyl Safety Flooring

Essential in many commercial or industrial environments, Vinyl Safety Flooring is designed to meet a range of anti-slip demands in areas such as commercial kitchens, breakout and communal zones. Incorporating aggregates and grains like quartz into the vinyl creates a strong grip which is coloured to match branding or mimic natural stones and wood shades.

Contract Carpets

Carpet may not be a viable option in certain business environments where there is a raised floor system and under-floor access is required. However, there is often no reason why meeting room suites, executive areas or feature rug inlays cannot have the luxury of a high quality broadloom carpet.

Carpet Tiles

The floor covering of choice for offices, public buildings, education and healthcare administration. Modern carpet tiles are one of the most consistently innovative products in the flooring market. With continual development of superior yarns, raw materials and more environmentally friendly production methods, modular flooring is an interior design favourite.


Still a popular choice in all kinds of commercial environments. Professionally fitted modern linoleum flooring is incredibly practical and easy to maintain with major environmental benefits, due to its production from natural linseed.

Timber Flooring

Along side standard boards, timber flooring is available in numerous formats including Chevron, Herringbone and Versailles panels. Carefully selected products are sourced from our Europe wide supplier network. This natural product is typically used to enhance the design to front of house reception and office areas.

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