Innovative and practical

The best service we can offer is to minimise disruption to our clients’ core business activities.

To replace commercial flooring within a live environment used to mean downtime for the client resulting in reduced productivity and increased business cost. Removing furniture, decommissioning IT and data equipment and the subsequent staff downtime made replacement of flooring a costly and time-consuming exercise. However, with our market leading Elevate system we use the latest furniture lifting equipment to ensure minimal disruption.

By lifting in-situ furniture (with IT and data systems still in place) high enough to uplift existing material and install new, we can offer high speed replacement of existing installations with no impact on the core business activities of our clients. Working outside normal business hours our experienced teams allow your business to operate normally while benefiting from a revitalised space.

Elevate has transformed the working environment for a large number of our clients, including this recent project:

When global pharmaceutical giant Mundipharma decided to reshape their existing 60,000ft² of office space at Cambridge Science Park they wanted a complete replacement of floor finishes to form part of the process. However, not wanting to dismantle, remove and store their existing furniture or decommission IT and data, we were asked to use our Elevate system to replace the existing finishes with these elements all left in situ. Using specialist furniture lifting equipment we were able to raise the furniture just centimetres off the floor to allow for the removal of the old and installation of new carpet tiles, saving time and money for the client. Within days the space was transformed, and staff now enjoy the newly refurbished space having had no impact placed on their core business.

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